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Play Title Album Artist Length Plays
Meeran Dana Dil Soch Bhai Harkrishan Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 7:13 8,398
Charan Kamal Prabh Ke Nit Dhyavou Bhai Vikramjit Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 4:15 4,360
Babiha Benti Kare Bhai Amandeep Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 9:01 11,107
Eho Tann Mann Tera (Darbar Sahib) Bhai Tarbalbir Singh 8:53 7,740
Baani Prabh Ki Sab Ko Boley Bhai Sulakhan Singh Sabran (Hazuri Ragi) 12:14 10,547
Baitha Sodhi Paatshah Ramdas (Darbar Sahib) Bhai Harnaam Singh (Srinagar) 7:56 7,629
Thakur Gaiyeh Aatam Rang Bhai Vikramjit Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 9:33 8,449
Bhai Jujhar Singh - Aasa Di Vaar - Harmandir Sahib Bhai Jujhar Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 2:02:48 61,546
Tere Darshan Kou Hum Baare Bhai Jujhar Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 11:35 15,925
Mann Bhave Shabad Suhaya Bhai Karaj Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 14:25 7,951
Mere Mann Jap Jap Jaganaathe Bhai Sahib Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 14:35 23,787
Bhai Shoukin Singh - Aasa Di Vaar - Harmandir... Bhai Shoukin Singh 1:58:42 43,754
Bhai Gurkirat Singh - Aarti - Harmandir Sahib Bhai Gurkirat Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 9:15 524
Ho Antar Naam Manga Din Raati Bhai Jujhar Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 13:24 20,789
Bhai Karaj Singh - Aasa Di Vaar - Harmandir Sahib Bhai Karaj Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 1:51:52 38,618
Bhai Sukhjinder Singh - Aasa Di Vaar - Harmandir... Bhai Sukhjinder Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 2:04:44 85,104
Man Ram Naama Bediale (Darbar Sahib) Bhai Gagandeep Singh (Sri Ganganagar) 13:51 9,083
Bhai Randhir Singh (Patiala) - Aarti - Evening... Bhai Randhir Singh (Patiala) 1:22:12 17,120
Sabhe Ichaa Poorian Bhai Gurkirat Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 8:51 8,736
Bhai Karaj Singh - Aarti - Evening Keertan -... Bhai Karaj Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 1:05:23 9,212
Sifat Salahan Amrit Vela Bhai Karnail Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 7:52 6,072
Eh Man Chanchala Bhai Jagtar Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 6:15 14,649
Eahar Tehar Shhadd Tu (Darbar Sahib) Bhai Gagandeep Singh (Sri Ganganagar) 10:24 7,295
Bhai Karnail Singh - Aarti - Harmandir Sahib Bhai Karnail Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 14:03 906
Dhan Su Des Jaha Tu Vaseya Bhai Gurkirat Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 15:11 22,219
Satgur Daya Kare Sukhdata (Darbar Sahib) Satinderbir Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 12:05 9,981
Apni Bhagti Laaye (Darbar Sahib) Satinderbir Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 4:37 21,222
Jo Praani Govind Dhiyavai Bhai Karnail Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 8:55 11,304
Poota Mata Ki Asees Bhai Jagtar Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 5:07 881
Nirgun Raakh Liya (Darbar Sahib) Bhai Harnaam Singh (Srinagar) 5:43 5,329