The Karma Game is no longer able to run on most computers due to Adobe Flash being retired in modern browsers as of December 2020.

We loved this game and would like for it to continue, however it would take too many resources to try to re-build it in another platform. The Karma game may be gone...but it's not forgotten. Thanks for being a part of the SikhNet family.

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Meet The Characters


"Uncle" Harry (Harjinder Singh) is my guardian. Once a noble and brave Sikh of the Guru, he has become a deeply troubled man. Tortured by his inner demons, he has fallen into drinking and depression. He yells at me and beats me almost every day. He refuses to speak of my Papa ji and never stirs from his chair, which he has placed near the door.
Shannu  is a lovely young girl who has learned the arts of spinning, dyeing and weaving from her mother. Her weaving work is beautiful. I think it is her way of finding peace and calming her overactive mind. Some people think she is bossy, but it is just that she is more quick than most.
Rumta is a master potter. He seems like a lonely man with a deep, unfulfilled longing . I think his loneliness has made him resentful and depressed. Sometimes I see him gazing at Shannu as she sits weaving...and she blushes. However, he just sighs and looks away again.
Rinku is a dirty beggar child. He has no home and, though he seems quite bright, he is unhappy and is shunned by the villagers. But I think Rinku has a very powerful hidden talent which I want to discover. However, he has a big chip on his shoulder and won't really hang out or talk very much, unless it's to say something rude.
Ek Jyot is the Gurdwara sevadar. He doesn't speak much, but what he chooses to say is often very meaningful. Though humble and quiet, he is a very strong presence in the village. He and Mata ji used to talk recipes and remedies all day long.
Sherwanee is the only shopkeeper left in the village. He talks to everyone and always has something to say. He is manipulative and a bit sneaky and the stuff he has on his cart is a bit weird, but where else can I buy sweets... and pay for them with mudge pies?!?
Swami Seethrudhoti is a sadhu who lives by a cave on the outskirts of town. The rumor is that he has yogic powers and can perform magic. Everyone generally keeps their distance from him. *The Sadhu character is not meant to misconstrue any religion, belief system, or practice.
"Auntie" Charanjeet Kaur lives with her twin sister, Gurujeet. She is the village dhobi (laundress.) Quite stuck in her habits, she has no doubt that her way is the 'right' way. I think her pride has made her a bit selfish.  She prizes the few fine things she owns and is quite stingy about them.
"Auntie" Gurujeet Kaur is a woman of self-discipline. The story goes that in her younger days, she was a renowned martial artist. She still keeps herself in shape with her daily routine. She is quite gruff to talk to as well, though once I think I saw her wink at me.  I wonder if she might have something important to teach me?

Special thanks to all the people who volunteered their time to help record all the dialog and voice for the above Karma Game characters. If you are curious who's voice is behind each character, see the game credits page.