11 Surprising Facts About Sikhism - Part 2

YouTuber amazed at Sikhism video response creates a follow up explaining such concepts as 'Langar', 'Gurm...

When YouTuber FTD Facts posted a video about Sikhism he didn't know he'd get the response he did. Titled 'Surprising Facts About Sikhism' the original video currently boasts over 228 thousand views. Many viewers requested a follow up video on the same theme. 

The host explains in the video below before he shares more of his understanding of Sikhism (which includes explanations of Nishan Sahib, Langar, Equality of Sexes, Guru, Khalsa Panth, Guru Granth Sahib, Miri Piri, Gurmat, Gurmukhi, Ik Ongkar etc.) 

"Despite being one of the largest religions in the world, Sikhism remains largely unknown and almost mysterious in many parts of the world. This lack of understanding and knowledge has created many stereotypes pertaining to the sikh religion so hopefully I'll clear some of that up in this episode..."  


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