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400 Facts for the 400th Anniversary

2021 has the ominous status of following 2020. But for Sikhs this year represents a great light in the world....

2021 has the ominous status of following 2020. But, for Sikhs this year represents a celebration of a great light come to bless the world. Just as 2019 was marked as the 550th celebration of the incarnation of Guru Nanak, 2021 marks the 400th celebration of Guru Teg Bahadur's incarnation on earth in 1621. 

Guru Teg Bahadur is known for meditating for decades in relative seclusion before becoming the holder of the throne of Nanak, and for his martyrdom where he selflessly sacrificed his life for another community. 

Most people don't know too many details about 'Humanity's Holy Man' besides the above. 

We introduce you to the great work of a new app simply called '400 years'.

GTB quiz 1 hukamnama.jpg

It features a 'quiz' (don't worry the answers are provided) of 400 facts surrounding Guru ji's life. The compilation was done by Dr. Satinder Kaur Dua PhD from Bangalore India with the help of family members. 

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The quiz takes you through the meticulously compiled, yet very easy to digest, series of short facts in a chronological order through Guru ji's life. I learned from the quiz that Baba Teg Bahadur met Guru Harkrishan Sahib while he was Guru. Also he met with Guru Har Rai Sahib who bade him to travel to spread the message of Sikhi, so he embarked on an udasi before he himself became Guru. 

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Satinder Kaur and the Dua family deserve the heartiest congratulation and thanks for this seva. May this resource spread for us to educate ourselves about Guru Teg Bahadur and spread the message of universality always, and especially in this auspicious year.

Take your own pace to submerse yourself in the history with this novel app here:

Happy 2021! Happy GurPurab! Happy Prakash Divas! 

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