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Ajeet Singh: The Invincible Lion

Gurbani has no age limits – young or old! This books message has no age limit....

“Ajeet Singh: The Invincible Lion, ” is a treat for all reading levels. Finally, a book with Gurbani simplified and applied to a child’s life, child’s perspective, and child’s dilemmas.  We want our children to connect with Gurbani and this book does it perfectly.

As a mother of 4 children, Gurdaas (age 9), Sobha (age 6), Jodh (age 5), Bibek (age 3), I must say that all my children enjoy this book.

Guru Arjan Dev Jee’s shabad is made into a perfect children’s story. Simple enough for a 3 year old to follow and interesting enough to initiate conversations with a 9 year old about the deeper meanings of the shabad and the application of Gurbani to our every life and problems. I have also learned a lot from this story.

Gurbani has no age limits – young or old! This books message has no age limit. It can be simplified for younger children and the Sikh concepts can be discussed in depth with older children, even adults.

Bibek loves the illustrations and identifies with the Sikh boy Ajeet Singh – his appearance, dastar, kara. Although too young to understand the true theme of the story, he sings the shabad in the book and no child is ever too young to learn a shabad. In time, I know that this shabad will resonate with him and the gurbani themed story in Ajeet Singh will all make sense to him. Looking for the lion on each page is always exciting.

sobha jodh.jpeg

Jodh Kaur is in Kindergarten and she loves listening to this story – to the Shabad and the story. At this age I go thru the 5 vices in a child’s level and explain the problem that Ajeet Singh is facing in the story. Not only does Jodh identify with the Sikh Characters, she also understands the dilemma of the issues Ajeet Singh faces at school because as she says, she always faces those same problems.

Sobha Kaur is in 1st Grade and loves to read the story every night. She sings the shabad and reads the story herself. Sobha loves the illustrations in the book. She also does not get bored of the book, even after reading it every night. Every night we discuss a different part of the story.

'Ajeet Singh the Invisible Lion' is currently available at or at by typing in ‘Ajeet Singh the Invincible Lion.’


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