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Cure for all Fears

Let us rise collectively as humanity to provide true meaning to being human

Cure for all fears


I hope you all are staying safe and healthy as we all face wrath of Covid 19. In this difficult time, we need to believe in our strength and take good care of ourselves and others around us. I believe these unprecedented times have brought all humans together. I believe when humanity rises as one, any crisis can be overcome. I believe we will come out of this winter of hardships and spring of life with colorful flowers of happiness will bloom, and fragrance of well-being will spread. All we need to do is stay positive, and inspire each other. We shall not lose our spine of hope, kindness, compassion and courage to carry us through this winter and cherish festivities of spring of new life that awaits us.

They say more people die from fear of pandemic than the pandemic itself. Intent of this podcast is how not to die from the fear of pandemic every day, many times in a single day. Thoughts of worries and fears kills hope, kindness, compassion and courage. Intent of this podcast is to provide hope, strength and inspiration to all listeners. I will also address the fundamental question. In this moment of adversity, how can we stay positive and keep intact our spine of hope, kindness, compassion and courage?

The answer is simple. To stay positive in moment of crisis, we need to realize two things.

First, we need to realize true nature of our existence, for which I will use the word self-realization through out this podcast.
Second, we need to realize how to be supreme as a Human for which I will use the word, self-empowerment.

We will do a small exercise to learn how to become self-realized and self-empowered. It is the exercise of thinking in direction guided by truth that carries the potential to make both our outlook and perspective positive. Let us begin this exercise.

Consider the universe to be an ocean. A vast ocean without a beginning or an end, that contains everything that we are not only aware of, but also unaware of. Further consider each human to be a fish in the ocean of this infinite universe. Let us ask ourselves, two questions at this time.

First, where did the fish come from?
Second, Where does the fish go, when it dies?

It takes out of box thinking to answer these two questions. I hope you are ready for a transformative step in direction of positivity. Answers to these two questions will also provide the keys to self-realization and self-empowerment. Without any doubt, the fish came from the ocean and it will also remain in the ocean, no matter what happens to the fish. The fish is born in the ocean. The fish is sustained by the ocean, feeding from the ocean an egg turned into a fish. The fish when alive breathes the ocean and when it dies, dissolves in the same ocean. Is it not amazing that it is the ocean that appears as the fish and then it dissolves back unto itself? A little pondering on this interesting fact will really help. We are one ocean that appears as fishes and after death dissolve into the ocean again. When we realize we as fishes are one ocean, without a beginning or an end, all fears vanish, including the fear of death. Realization of true nature of our existence leads to self-empowerment. Positivity is but natural at that point.

Current world-wide pandemic, offers a great example how we are one. It is clear that until everyone does not heal, none of us are healed. Even if a single person is infected by Covid-19, we all are at risk because we are one ocean of universe appearing as separate fishes. A self- centered fish that can only think of itself, separates itself from others creating room for fear.  When the fish realizes that it is the ocean of the universe, without a beginning or an end, it becomes selfless. A selfless self is empowered self.


Let us go a little deeper into realization of true nature of existence to uproot all fears forever. Current world wide pandemic also makes us feel lonely, isolated and afraid. This could be a blessing, if we use our ability to feel, think and act by focusing on truth. It is but natural to feel lonely when we are separated from our true self. The connection with our "true self" is established through realization of true nature of our existence by meditating on truth. This is possible when our mind gets imbued in the infinite intelligence through comprehension and contemplation.

It is a blessing to be aware of such a state, where we feel lonely, desperate and anxious for any amounts of time. Acknowledging and accepting this state gracefully is an indication that you are alive filled with potential for self-realization. To feel lonely and experience a void, and not know what to do is indication that we are trapped in limited intelligence of the mind, which is our self-centered self. In other words, we are distant from light and thus in darkness we feel lonely. A mind imbued in infinite intelligence starts recognizing true nature of existence and becomes attuned to laws of natures for balance, harmony and realize oneness in universe. A mind Imbued in infinite intelligence expands as awareness beyond walls of loneliness into a blissful solitude, a selfless state of being.

When we are not aware of the reason of our loneliness, we dive into self-sabotaging, non-mindful indulgences engaging all five senses in material world that is impermanent. Covid-19 crisis has brought our impermanent world to a screeching halt, that we used to fill the void of loneliness. All our worldly things have lost their value. It feels like someone has knocked down our nest of worldly things. Our attachment to our nest makes us feel nothing. The void of loneliness has surfaced once more. Here in lies the opportunity to fill the void by meditation on truth. The truth in this case is “If we built our nest to live in it forever, we were short sighted. We built the nest to fly one day, to rise to higher level of awareness for self-realization and self-empowerment”. This moment of crisis is in fact, the perfect opportunity for self-realization and self-empowerment. This moment of crisis is perfect opportunity to demolish all fears by mediating on truth.


Let us move forward by accepting our folly. A little courage is required to let truth hold us in its embrace for an inner transformation. No one is asking you to give up the nest, rather learn to cherish it upon self-realization and self-empowerment without being attached to it.

Our mind is a self-centered seed. Self-centered mind is the fish that has not realized it is the ocean. When we bloom, we transform into our selfless self whereby we see humanity as one. To think of humanity as one is expansion of our awareness beyond our mind. Meditating on truth leads to self-realization and is the cure for all fears. Without meditating on truth, we fail to tap into opportunity of being supreme, being equanimous, being part of the vastness and at same time being the vastness, being one. Oneness is our selfless self.

Let us support each to move from our self-centered to selfless self, to be of value to humanity, to be of service to humanity, to be our supreme self, fearless. Let us rise collectively as humanity to provide true meaning to being human. Friends, let us rise above this adversity and win the outer and inner wars gracefully, blessed by the universe running through us.

Let me summarize the roadmap to self-realization and self-empowerment that can help us stay positive through adversities.

  • Self-realization leads to self-empowerment, invoking our selfless self whereby we see oneness in diversity.
  • Knowing where we came from and what happens to us upon death is cure for all fears.
  • Meditation on truth is vehicle of self-realization and self-empowerment.

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Bhupinder Singh

I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

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