Honorary classes on Persian sources of Sikh literature: A unique initiative by Naad Pargaas USA

Naad Pargaas USA strives to foster a Sabda inspired culture......

Naad Pargaas USA strives to foster a Sabda inspired culture. The organization has recently taken a rare initiative to start Persian classes at Mata Tripta Ji Gurdwara Sahib, Plymouth, Michigan. The introductory session of these classes was inaugurated on January, 09, 2022. 

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Harjot Kaur

Giving details of these classes, Harjot Kaur informed that starting from learning alphabets, this three-month course is designed to teach Persian vocabulary, understanding grammar, and finally reading directly from the Persian sources of Sikh texts. The goal shall be to make students capable enough to read, understand, and learn parts of  Zafarnamah (penned by Guru Gobind Singh) and writing of Bhai Nand Lal Goya.

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Prof Jagdish Singh

Explaining the importance of Persian sources and its relationship in Sikhi, Prof Jagdish Singh from Amritsar, who is the chief coordinator of these classes and Director of Naad Pargaas Sri Amritsar, said that learning Persian allows for an open conceptual dialogue with Abrahmic traditions of World. Sikhs in the West can engage reasonably and responsibly with Abrahmic religions through Persian. Professor Singh’s expert mode of conducting classes and his experience in engaging with students of different age groups was appreciated and enjoyed by attendees.

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Jasnoor Kaur and Guneet Kaur

The ambience of the classes was enriched by recitation of Persian Sabdas by Jasnoor Kaur and Guneet Kaur and also a composition of Bhai Nand Lal Goya by Harjot Kaur. Raman Kaur, an eminent member of the community, expressed her views on the long desire of the Sikh Sangat for learning Persian. Renowned Katha Vachak, Bhai Pinderpal Singh also appealed to the Sangat through a video message to join these classes. Naad Pargaas USA’s Director, Amandeep Singh, expressed gratitude to members of the Gurdwara Committee for their encouragement and support in organizing these classes. He also mentioned that the organization is striving for promoting and inspiring literary culture among Sikhs and therefore, the classes are being organized free of charge. Apart from in person training, these classes were also live streamed on You tube @ Naad Pargaas USA. The classes were attended by students and adults from different states in the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Israel and different parts of India.


(Naad Pargaas USA is a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 organization that runs with the support of the Sangat. For further information and registration to Persian classes: Please visit the website here)

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