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Interview With Creator Of Children's Toy 'Punjabi Pad'

"OH children LOVE the Punjabi Pad....

Milan it is very nice to meet you and speak with you. I am impressed with the commitment to your seva and your passion. Can you please tell us some of your background, where you come from and your career?

Punjabi Pad creators 300.jpg

My name is Milan and I am born and raised in Seattle WA. I enjoy spending time with my family/friends. Pali is from Copenhagen, Denmark and considered a go getter. We are completely opposites! I guess that’s why it works….ha ha ha.  We both worked for The Boeing Company for the last 5 years, I worked as a Finance Auditor and Pali worked in Customer Quality. Pali and I enjoyed working there, but knew it was time to move on and give back to our community.  

What inspired you to start the Punjabi Pad? 

Our inspiration to start Punjabi Pad came from our two kids. I grew up going to Gurdwara every Sunday, doing Gatka and Kirtan. I felt I was not able to pass all this down to my kids Jasleen (now 10) and Jayvyn (now 5),  because of my time being dedicated to work. When Jayvyn turned 3, he received so many learning toys which only taught English. Pali looked at me and was like wouldn’t it be neat if one of these toys taught Punjabi. I jokingly said, “Why don’t you go and create it :) "

The next thing I knew, I was looking at different sketches of ideas on how to teach Punjabi in a toy form!

Punjabi Pad BabyGurtaj Singh.jpg

Was is scary to make the leap from your careers to working full time on Punjabi Pad? 

People thought we were crazy for quitting our corporate jobs and moving our family to California. But we forged forward, we just knew. We could not give LingoDodo our full undivided attention working fulltime and trying to juggle family AND Punjabi Pad. This decision is not something everyone can make, but we found it important and did.

What features are on the Punjabi Pad?

Punjabi Pad features are: Gurmukhi letters (Panti Akhar), Numbers (Count to one hundred in Punjabi), Music mode has a Punjabi alphabet rhyme and Gurmat Gyan, Colors (Names of the colors in Punjabi) and the best feature is the examine your knowledge with a quiz mode. This randomly asks questions from the different modes. We took the Sangats advice and added the Gurmat Gyan feature in our new version. Which teaches Mool Mantar, Names of the 10 Gurus, 5 Pyare, 4 Sahibzaade and 5 Kakars. We always love to get feedback and see what everyone wants to see next. :)

How have children reacted to your invention?

OH children LOVE the Punjabi Pad. It's not education, it's fun for them, especially when they want to test their knowledge in the quiz mode.. There is a good reason for that, we know that studies have shown the earlier you start teaching children your language, the faster and easier it is for them to grasp it.

Punjabi Pad DayaLaughing.jpg

6 year old Simran, “I love my Punjabi Pad, I take it every where with me!”

10 year old Jaideep, “I’m gifting this to my friend Jignesh, so he can learn Punjabi, since it is who I am.” 

What have you learned in this process? 

We have learned that many parents/grandparents struggle to keep our language and culture going especially living outside of India. Every family takes time out of their busy schedule to take their kids to Sunday Punjabi School for a few hours to learn Punjabi. I was so relieved when I learned it wasn’t just me with this struggle. Families really were looking for something their kids could use at home to reinforce what they learn at Sunday School that was not in a form of an app. Parents really loved the idea of no screen time with this product.

For myself, I have learned that I have the strength to dedicate myself to serving the community in this way.

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What has been your biggest inspiration to continue with this venture? 

Our biggest inspirations have been our customers who became our family. The kind words and support they have given us is touching. The messages, phone calls etc really make us want to create more for the community. 
Well it has been very nice meeting and speaking with you. I hope your passion spreads far and wide! 

Thank you so much. The pleasure is mine!
Click here for purchasing information on the Punjabi Pad

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I received my Punjabi Pad Yesterday. I haven't sat down with my kids to fully use it yet, but it has brought pure joy to my in laws that there is such a thing available. My in laws are Amritdharis, so when they saw the 'Waheguru' and "Satnam" feature, they were already sold!

I'm excited for my kids and I bet my husband can learn a great amount of Punjabi from it too :)


- Sunny

You all have created one of a kind, Punjabi Pad! I actually have referred others as well, so you will be receiving more orders from Virginia, USA :) 

I have the first version of the pad, my little girl is only 7 months and she loves it! The order I placed just now is a gift for my niece and nephew. I can't wait to see their reaction!

- Sukhjit

I received the toy and it's amazing. I want to congratulate you on an amazing product. I snap chatted it and had at least 25 people ask me about it! I hope many of them ordr as it's an excellent product.  – Neetu

My husband is Punjabi and me French and I really want our daughter learn Punjabi so this pad is very perfect , thanks for sending to France!

- Dany

My daughter loves this Punjabi pad and her uncle bought this for her. I was excited myself to get it because I have never seen anything like this before in Punjabi. It works great and I loved the way it explains things. I think it's great tool for any age! Thank you team for making this happen.

- H Kaur

Thank you this lovely creation! My son went to Punjabi school for the last few year he knows how write and say letters sentences but he was having a hard time with numbers and transactions of path he loves it.

- Nikk

Harijot Singh Khalsa

Harijot Singh is a graduate of Miri Piri Academy. He serves as creator of SikhNet Stories. He has also authored several research pieces on Sikh history as well as offered encouraging messages through his articles.

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