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Noori Aangan

"Sehaj Paath" of Guru Granth gives great Elation and Balance to one with a Pure Heart, Steeped in Love....

A Poem by Ashwinder Kaur (English translation by Coco Singh)


nUrI AWgx
ASivMdr kOr

A`KW dy swhmxy 'auh' jd bYTy,
KwmoSI vI qy iezhwr vI[
'auhdy' nUrI l&zW dy AWgx iv`c,
mdhoSI vI qy ipAwr vI[

pVH qW skdw hY ienswn,
smJ qW skdw hY ienswn,
Apxw qW skdw hY ienswn,
hr rcnw ƒ vWg ie`k mihmwn[

pr hr rcnw iv`c rcnhwry ƒ
dyKxw, sunxw, mihsUsxw,
ipAwrxw qy mwnxw,
hY ieh dwsqW pRym dI[

pRym hY cwhq qy iebwdq,
pRym hY rwhq qy invwijS[
ie`k lgn hY jo lkS qoN fygy nw kdI,
ie`k Agn hY jo swVy hr bdI[

gurU gRMQ dw sihj pwT, hY sihj dw nSw,
mn nwl krIey, id`l iv`c DrIey, hY ieh pRym dI dSw[
sihj pwT nUr dw hY AWgx,
iDAwn juVy qW ibsr jwey mWgx[

nUr ƒ smytdy jweIey,
qW nUr izMdgI dw ih`sw bx jWdw[
mn, idl, qy Awqmw sur hovx,
qW kx kx iv`c 'auh' nzr AWdw[

The Court of Light
Ashwinder Kaur

There reigns Silence and Submission
When we place our 'self' before Him.
In the Court of His Brilliant Poesy Is
Exhilaration and Love filled to the rim.

It lends Itself to render in speech,
To a mortal, also verily to apprehend,
And though like a patronising host,
One accepts every created being.

But to let the inherent powers of mind-body,
  See, hear and feel His presence,
To Love and to show compassion,
  To every being, is the True Saga of Love !

Love is to Cherish, and Love is Worship,
Love is Solace and Surrendering too.
A Yearning which never lets the mortal down,
A Passion dissolving every failing.

"Sehaj Paath" of Guru Granth endows,
Great Elation and Equipoise to one,
With a Pure Heart, Steeped in Love.
It is the Light that Decimates,
all Want, when in earnest done !

So Gather Ye the Effulgence,
That the reverant Light may reside within.
That the Heart, Mind and the "Self"
Be Attuned to "see" the Omniscient One!!


© Ashwinder Kaur July 2010 All Rights Reserved

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