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Here's a sampling of questions from our Youth Q&A Forum. I invite you to come on over and participate by asking your own questions or by helping our youth by answering their questions.

want to progress spiritually but i am afraid of my spiritual ego, is it possible to destroy it before one, begins or during different spiritual stages. Thank You.

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I've heard that many Muslims think it is ok to lie, its part of their religion...since its apart of their religion (if this is true) but is it right? how do we accept that? why do Hindus cut their hair? i mean there are many things that i think are wrong in other religions but is it wrong to think that they are wrong (weird ?..i know!) ??? thanks!

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Waheguru Ji. I have a problem. Since I was a child I had convulsions which by Guru Jis blessing I manage to control, slowly overcome and I am being healed. But I observed myself for last months and I noticed that somehow I have obsessive thoughts which I don't really understand why, I am a happy person love my life, have no problems. But these obsessive thoughts are still there. I don't want to tell you what these thoughts are about, cause these are really personal thoughts, but its really annoying. I am an Amritdhari Sikh, do my banis, simran, meditation, sports. yoga etc.. i really try to live life as taught by Guru Ji, but have still this problem. I think its not on a level which is dangerous for me or anyone, but still it takes a lot of energy to control my mind, even when I meditate and feel like being in blissed state these certain type of thinking finds a door to my mind, I am not talkin about ego, its really just this one thought. So if you know any special Meditation I can do or yoga set I could do to heal my mind plz send it to me. I know Guru Ji gives everyone a challenge in life, so that we can grow spiritually so I see it more like a challenge then disease, but still i sometimes think why Guru Ji gives me sufferings, even though I love my Guru and try to live life as he taught. It really helps me to tell somebody my problems I have never told that to anyone. Waheguru Ji. May peace prevail.

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