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"The Revelation" ~ Excerpts from the Book

Liberate the soul from the cycle of reincarnation. How will that happen is what the book reveals ?


Gaining the human form is a miraculous occurrence in the astounding journey of the soul. Your life started from the moment you were conceived in the womb. The process of fertilization is a phenomenal tale of a single sperm to unite with an egg facing incredible odds to make the life you are living right now. Everyone is the outcome of this amazing race of nearly 300 million sperms from which only one is successful in fertilizing the egg and forming their life.

With the meeting of the genetic materials from the parents, the sperm cell and the egg cell, a new single cell is formed to lay the foundation for a new life. A unique genetic code is also generated during this transmutation which determines the gender and the other characteristics of the offspring. This new single cell, Zygote, forms the new life by implanting itself into the lining of the mother’s womb. Through a temporary medium, placenta, the developing foetus is connected to the uterine wall via the umbilical cord which supplies the nutrients from the mother to the baby. Initially, the embryo has only a few cells, and it takes the necessary nourishment from its surroundings. But as it grows, the need for sustenance also grows. Then, it’s not possible for the nutrients to reach all the cells to build the body.

Here, the glory of Nature brings the heart into manifestation. Heart is the first organ to be formed from which the rest of the body is built. Together with the circulatory system, it works to supply the nutrition and clearing the waste all around to keep the cells alive. For the next nine months, the heart builds the body by providing the necessary nutrients. When the gestation period is passed, the body is fully built, and the mother delivers a new human in the world.

The soul, thus, manifests itself through the heart from its focal point of implantation in the womb, the Umbilicus (Navel), and becomes an individual. Your story is not any different. You too are a manifestation of the soul energy through your heart from the navel. Until the foetus isn’t fully developed, the umbilical cord is intact, and your life is dependent on the mother. Why wouldn’t you call your mother the face of God?

As soon as the baby enters the world, it faces a drastic change in environment. Despite being hung upside down in the womb, the baby is warm, comfortable, and secure. The outside environment on the contrary is strange for the baby. Not only it’s cold but also shocking. Amidst such challenging ambience, the baby has to breathe using its own lungs for the first time to be able to survive. So, it cries. The first cry is a wondrous moment. It announces the arrival of the new born.

Unfortunately, subsistence is worth only inside the womb: Outside is the nuisance created by mankind because of its incapacity to manage the mind. The gestation period passes well because you stay attached to God through the umbilical cord in the womb. Inside, God takes care of all your needs and you remain content and blissful. But as the umbilical cord gets cut, and you enter the world, the divine connection breaks, and the duality of life begins. Your parents give you a pseudo-identity of a name, family name, and religion etc, so you can make your relation with the world.


Thence begins the game of life with the entry of an invisible, metaphysical, and the most crucial character, the mind, which is the hub of a person’s cognitive faculties such as; consciousness, perception, feelings, emotions, thinking, logic, learning, language, memory, intuition, and wisdom. With the evolution of the mind; the theory of mind comes into effect. From the psychological point of view, the concepts involved in the theory of mind are an individual’s beliefs, desires and intentions. Based on these criterions, a psychologist can predict their actions. However, from the spiritual point of view, an evolved mind means the individual is on the way of losing their real self. They will now start perceiving themselves through a pseudo egoistical identity from their relationship with the world. Because of increasing social cognition, the roots of duality become stronger in the growing mind of the child. Sooner than later, the young mind starts identifying itself from the relationship with others and the world around. The family, friends, neighbours, teachers, society, religion, and the material objects come to the forefront of life, and the child forgets the origin–God.

The gestation period is the first school of wisdom for your new journey: Ironically, you do not learn its lesson. Why do you forget that during those nine months, you lived in the fiery conditions of the womb hanging upside down, and still remained very well? Imagine if you are put in such horrible atmosphere now, how will you feel? How long will you survive in that miserable condition? You should contemplate about the power that kept you alive and blissful in the most difficult times. In sheer ignorance, you forget God, and pay the price by your sufferings. Can you do anything worse to yourself than forgetting God?


The nine-month phase in the womb not only shapes your body, but it also teaches you the value of freedom. During that period, you do not have any responsibilities. God takes care of your needs. The divine connection through the umbilical cord allows you to live in bliss and freedom despite being in extremely rough conditions. The first lesson is indeed deciphering: Rarely someone gets to understand it. Even after birth, you are given mother’s milk to stay alive and thrive. Until infancy, you are not supposed to do much because you have very little strength in your body. But as you grow, you have to take the responsibilities. You will have to comprehend Nature’s rules to live properly and enjoy your life. Nature has meticulously crafted the human body and engraved the how-to-live-life map in its creative built. You need to understand the map and live according to the given guidance.


Navel is the central point of the body where you are connected to your mother in her womb: The home of the soul in your body. Your life force rests in the middle of the body underneath the navel. Until you learn to stand, your body remains horizontal. In this position, the entire body has a uniform gravitational pull from the head to the toes, and the soul energy is free to move across the body evenly. However, as you come to stand on your feet, the soul’s dynamics in the body are changed. Although the soul is still in the centre of the body, but the gravitational effect is different. In this vertical position, the energy naturally flows downwards because of the earthen pull. Under the new mechanics, Nature intends to guide the energy in the physical world against the soul’s original place of manifestation; the heart. This is the esoteric knowledge you will have to understand following your life’s map. In the vertical position, from its original place, the navel, the soul energy can either rise upwards or fall downwards. Upwards of the soul is the organ of its manifestation, the heart, by which, the eternal realm can be experienced. Downwards of the soul is the sexual organ, by which, the earthen realm is realized.

The naturally descending flow of energy sets the course of life. Whereas Nature has provided you with a comprehensive two-stage life-map through your body, one for the physical world and one for the eternal, you become so-much fascinated for the first stage that you forget to read the second, and get drowned in the ocean of worldly affairs. As you grow, and set yourself in the world, the soul energy takes its most resilient form and emerges in your body as lust. While lust appears as the predominant face of energy; it also takes other authoritarian forms such as greed, anger, and ego.


Lust is the vehicle of seduction in the physical world and the sexual organ its driver. Nature has thus placed the sex organ beneath the soul. Although sexuality is present from the birth, it becomes dominant from the adolescent age, and remains so until the early middle age. During this period, you stay active, and carry out the most important tasks of your life, such as, taking up employment, choosing a partner and making your family, raising your children, and making resources available to sustain your life around it. This is the first stage of the life-map that Nature tends to express through your body.

Thereafter, towards the matured side of the middle age, the sexual urge starts diminishing. The gravitational pull is still the same, but the biological construct brings down your sexuality. The humbling down of the lust in the body shows the second stage of the life-map. It is a pointer to suggest that your body has served its role for your earthen journey: Now you should actively work for the eternal. Nature has set human life so you can experience the eternal world through the earthen.


While the non-physical energy, the soul, acquires this unique embodiment by manifesting itself through the heart; Nature has empowered your body with the mind, by which, you can return to your original non-physical eternal presence by absorbing into God, and liberate the soul from the cycle of reincarnation. How will that happen? You will realize God by a proper use of the mind. God will come into experience when your mind will become utterly still. Guru Nanak says the mind will not become still by thinking; even if you think a million times. The eventual mental stillness will happen by contemplating on The True Name by Simran and thus you will be absorbed into the divine.

---An excerpt from my forthcoming book “The Revelation”

Manjeet Singh
[email protected]

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