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SALDEF Releases First-ever National Sikh American Survey Report

Study to understand Sikh Americans' experience and highlight the success and prosperity...

Washington, DC— The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF) released their landmark study on the Sikh American community inside the United States: 2020 National Sikh American Survey. SALDEF conducted this study to understand Sikh Americans' experience and highlight the success and prosperity that contribute to its growth and development as Americans. With the results, SALDEF will better support the community's needs through tailored programs and advocacy.

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Sikh Americans have lived in the United States for over a century; however, limited information is known about the Sikh American community. While a few studies have documented critical aspects of the Sikh American experience up to this point, there has not been a national survey that measures the multiple facets of the lives of Sikh living in the United States. The report begins by explaining the methods used to create, advertise, and implement the survey. It then details the most important findings of the survey. The report concludes with the seven recommendations based on the survey's finding that policymakers, researchers, foundations, new organization elected officials, and Sikh organizations will find useful to understand Sikhs across the United States.

SALDEF conducted this study to understand Sikh Americans' experience and highlight
the success and prosperity that contribute to its growth and development as Americans.

The survey results cover seven main topics; demographics, Sikhism at work and school, cultural connection, political engagement, use and perception of the news, access to resources, and discrimination. Through the results of the survey, the research team developed seven main recommendations.

EXPLORE: 2020 National Sikh American Survey Key Findings 

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Deputy Majority Leader of the Washington State Senate Manka Dhingra said about the 2020 National Sikh American Survey, "for too long data has been missing for the Sikh communities in American. This survey is a wonderful step to us filling that gap. Personal stories are very important, but the combination of data along with those experiences is what drives policy."

"The First of a kind survey endeavors to tell the Sikh American story and provide a demographic snapshot," said SALDEF Board Chair Kavneet Singh. "With the 2020 election around the corner, we felt that it was critical for us to find and identify the needs of the community as well as what is their current thoughts on a variety of issues."

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Singh said, "often the voices of Sikh Americans are not heard by policymakers, elected officials, local and federal government agencies, and the mainstream media; due to the lack of general awareness, education, and understanding of the community. To address the lack of education on the experiences, perspectives, and advocacy needs of Sikh Americans, we launched this survey to provide a multitude of interested parties the means to better understand and access the unique needs and perspectives of our community."

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Kiran Kaur Gill, Sikh American Legal Defense, and Education Fund (SALDEF) Executive director said, "SALDEF's 25th anniversary is coming up next year, and it is a key time for us to look at the issues of importance to the community so we can develop our strategic program and make sure that those issues are addressed, and the community needs are met. In addition, this survey is critical for policy makers for government agencies to secure grants and resources for the communities and also for other Sikh organizations."


Amman Singh Seehra SALDEF Board Member said, "one of the beauties of this survey was we weren't just lucky to get information, but we have recommendations that were based on the data. So when it comes to political engagement, it reveals how we are going to engage the Sikh American community in these conversations." Seehra said, "we have survey results that are revolutionary and can bring us into the next days of advocacy for the Sikh American community."

EXPLORE: 2020 National Sikh American Survey Key Findings 

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About SALDEF: SALDEF is a 20-year-old national Sikh American policy, media, and educational organization. Our mission is to empower Sikh Americans by building dialogue, deepening understanding, promoting civic and political participation, and upholding social justice and religious freedom for all Americans.

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