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Turban Day 2018 ~ NYC

A great chance of acquiring a Guinness World Record!


Turban Day is the largest turban tying event in the world at the epicenter of the world, Times Square. In 2017, Turban Day was attended by thousands from different parts of the US, Canada, and the UK. 8,000 turbans were tied on non-Indians to educate about the significance of the Turban. While 1.1 Million watched it LIVE through Facebook, Turban Day was covered by major news outlets such as Huffington Post, NBC, Daily News, Telegraph, Times of India and 15 additional international media outlets. This year we are also tying up with Guinness world records to set a record of the largest Turban tying event in the world.


For Turban Day, the main goal is to educate both our on-ground audiences of over 20,000 and our digital audiences of over 2 million about Sikhi and the Turban. We have a great platform in addition to a central plaza located at Times Square. Supported by our local Gurdwaras and the City of New York itself, the event becomes a beautiful representation of what being a Sikh is, especially in the international community. We have not had artist-performers in the past few years, but this year, we want to introduce that element. We believe this will be a great platform for both the audiences as well as TD to be a part of the community and history, genuinely - we have a great chance of acquiring a Guinness World Record!

Below is our video from last years event:
Turban Day After-Movie, 2017 (over 1m views on FB)

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