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[Video] Kids Audio Stories Has a Brand NEW App!

Introducing the new SikhNet Audio Stories App for iOS and Android!

Last spring the SikhNet community had a big problem, the kid's audio stories app was about to become obsolete with the new ios update. This beloved app couldn't just die, but in order to save it, the money had to be raised to re-design for the new update. The call then went out to the global SikhNet community for donations and your enthusiastic response was amazing! In no time at all, the fundraising goal was met and then exceeded. Riding the cherdi kala wave of the community's support, SikhNet immediately got to work on the re-design.

Instead of just updating the old app for the new iOS, we completely rebuilt the ios app from the ground up AND created a second version of the app for Android.

Our main goal was to design an app that would be easy to use for kids and along the way, we added some great functionality to make the experience of this app as delightful as possible. 


Here are some of the new features:

  • Ability to save stories for offline listening
  • Button to randomly select a story
  • Ability to search for stories using keywords
  • Ability to read the stories instead of listening
  • Access on both Apple and Android devices
Thank YOU for saving the Kids Audio Stories app! Please reach out to and let us know what you think.  

Click on the icons below to download the app.

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