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What would you give Guru Nanak Dev Ji for his 550th Birthday?

What is the Guru asking of us today?

We asked our punjabi school kids what they would give to Guru Nanak Dev Ji for his 550th birthday.


Happy Birthday to the Guru who illuminated the universe with his light and love!
Happy birthday to the Guru who broke down walls,
Who lived in the Grace of Ik-onkar,
Who transformed beggars into kings, and
Who inspired a nation of saint-soldiers! 

The kids at the Khalsa Care Foundation Gurdwara in Los Angeles have been celebrating Guru Nanak Dev Ji all month. Learning sakhis of his life, drawing a map of his travels, and talking about his message of Naam Japna, Vand Chakna and Kirat Karni. As we learn about our great Guru, we love him more and more each day. 

How do we thank the amazing Guru that gave us everything? What can we say to the Guru to show our love? What gift can we give to him?

Our youngest kids in the Punjabi school have been searching for the answer to this question by learning from Guru ji’s life and bani. Maybe the answer will change every month, every week, every minute.

We hope on the 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji Gurpurab everyone asks themselves this question:
What is the Guru asking of us today?

Natasha Kaur
[email protected]

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