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Awtar Singh's Story of Hearing Guru Nanak's Message the first time

My life was a journey. I was seeking my Truth...

Meet Awtar Singh Khalsa. Hailing from Atlanta Georgia he has had an intense life. Then everything changed when he found a methodology that could reverse momentum even in mid stream. That meant he could create his life. What he found was a complete lifestyle that gave him everything he was looking for. As he explains in this video it gave him the truth. He went on to get married in the Dharma and raise children in the Dharma and has dedicated his life to staying on the path and spreading what he knows. 

"Well, at the very beginning of all of this, my life was a journey. I was seeking my truth and in a session with Siri Singh Sahib one day, he was telling me about “Ek Ongkar”, One Creator, Creation. Truth Is His Name. Great and indescribable is the Wisdom and Knowledge of that Truth, and that the whole purpose of life was to be able to experience that Truth, and he shared that all of that came from Guru Nanak….more"



Awtar Singh's Story of Hearing about Guru Nanak's Message for the First Time
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