My journey with SikhNet started when I was in a moment of intense, personal struggle. SikhNet can help so many people the way it helped me.

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Kids are excited to tell you about this....

These kids are excited to tell you this...

I wanted to share another short cute video....

 Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

I know you are all "grown up" and may not listen to the SikhNet audio stories, BUT, I wanted to share another short cute video. These kids REALLY wanted to share with YOU how much they love the stories  They want to inspire you to help SikhNet make more stories.

SikhNet Stories provides a solid basis of Sikh values that stay with kids their whole lives. That’s why SikhNet Stories are so important, and that’s why we are fundraising to create more of them. It’s the children who benefit the most. The sheer joy as they talk about the things they’ve learned by listening to SikhNet stories is priceless.

Will you give generously to the SikhNet Stories project so we can continue to inspire kids around the world with important values?

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