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Sakhee Kaur

Sakhee is a blogger at, where she writes about family life and Sikhi.

Sakhee Kaur loves learning and is SO thankful that she’s a Sikh, where it’s a requirement to always learn!


Sakhee is a blogger at, where she uses her passions – Sikhi and Human Development – to write about family life and Sikhi. Kaur wishes to remain anonymous because no one benefits from knowing her real name; however, everyone benefits from knowing The Real Name, Naam.

As an Amritdhari Sikh, Sakhee’s favorite things to do are going to Amrit Vela Keertan, listening to Katha, and looking up meanings of Gurbani. As a human, Sakhee loves connecting with other humans and hearing their life experiences, especially their experiences with the Divine.