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Nirinjan`s first Spirit Voyage release is a
masterful production by Hans Christian. Nirinjan Kaur has created an
incredible collection of rich, powerful and deeply moving Kundalini
chants, Gurbani kirtan and devotional songs wrapped in layers of cello,
acoustic guitar, bansuri flute, sarangi, sitara, nyckelharpa, tablas
and more.

With a stellar cast of musicians including GuruGanesha Singh, Manish
Vyas, Hans Christian, John Wubbenhorst and Victor DeLorenzo, this album
is not only a sacred journey but also a musical masterpiece.

Nirinjan Kaur: Vocals, Harmonium
GuruGanesha Singh: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Manish Vyas: Tabla, Cajon, Various Percussion
Hans Christian: Cello, Sarangi, Sitara, Nyckelharpa, Keyboards, Bass, Programming
John Wubbenhorst: Bansuri Flute
Siri Amrit Singh Khalsa: Vocals
Victor DeLorenzo: Drums

Produced by Hans Christian
Studio 330 - Allemande Music
Executive Producer: Karan Khalsa

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Aap Sahaaee Hoaa 8:37 62,120
Har Singh Nar Singh 6:57 13,636
Heal Me 7:02 14,441
Jai Tegang 8:38 57,338
Kaval Nain 6:33 28,606
Re Man 11:50 12,276
Treasure of Bliss 6:54 7,454
Triple Mantra 8:39 57,033