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Along (2003)

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Fun, upbeat, lively and educational. A great way to get the kids remembering the Penti and singing along with the voices of the Singh Sisters (Jamel, Harsel and Parvyn Kaur). This album is a tribute to Dya Singh's creativity.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Anand Sahib 3:47 6,899
Anthem 5:23 4,877
Burning 4:43 3,050
Dham Mast 6:35 1,212
Dohra 5:51 3,546
Game Of Love 5:52 2,841
Japji Sahib 5:54 9,923
Punjabi Alphabet 8:43 4,271
Shabad 5:45 3,184
Sukhmani Sahib 3:28 8,728