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This album is over 5 years in the making. What originally started as playing music for sadhana at 3HO Men's Camp, took on a life of it's own after joining with Satya, Lyle, Donna and John. It's been an experiment, a labour of love and a learning process every step of the way. 
Infinite gratitude for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan through which we continue to grow and evolve. 
Thanks to Lyle and John for their contribution to this album and for supporting us live. 
Thanks to Satya and Donna, for their love and commitment to making and sharing this music....Its just the beginning. 
Sat Nam,

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released 08 August 2015 
Vocals - Satya Grove, Donna Alstead, Lyle Povah, Ryan (Bir Singh) O'Flaherty 
Guitars - Lyle, Ryan 
Djembe - Lyle 
Bass - John Federico 
Harmonium - Satya Grove 
All other production - Ryan 
Produced - Ryan 

Mixing - Ryan 

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Wah Yantee 7:42 13,906 1
Mul Mantra 7:36 7,868 2
Sat Siri 7:17 1,936 3
Rakhay Rakhan Har 7:06 2,476 4
Wahe Guru 22:19 3,920 5
Guru Ram Das 5:48 5,071 6