Words of Akaal: Daily Nitnem

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Words of Akaal – Daily Nitnem is a Full album of the Daily Paaths to be recited by a Sikh.
As Sikhs know Akaal Purakh (God Himself) gave these words to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and from there Guru Nanak Dev Ji undertook 10 Body Vessels in the form of the 10 Gurus to compile the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
Words Of Akaal the Album consists of the Daily Nitnem Banis which a Gursikh Recites as according to the Rehit Maryada (Code Of Conduct) for Sikhs. We are releasing this album so people can become familiar with the Banis. Tarli Digitals musical touches add beautiful mediational Natural sounds into the ambience for those who wish to meditate, listen and Do the Banis.

It is recommended that one commits and try’s to recite these banis daily with discipline and pure love channelled towards the creator and his creations.

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Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Japji Sahib 33:50 157,421 1
Jaap Sahib 35:40 86,107 2
Tav Prasad Swaiye 6:26 13,058 3
Chaupai Sahib 9:35 23,920 4
Anand Sahib 23:29 35,221 5
Nitnem Ardas 7:32 12,041 6
Rehraas Sahib 43:41 101,598 7
Kirtan Sohila 10:21 28,926 8
End of Day Ardas 7:59 9,660 9