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Ajeet Kaur Khalsa

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I'm a yogi, teaching artist and healer. I been teaching steadily now for the last 10 years and it shows! I love the kundalini energy that flows when I am in the presence of students, I'm really enjoying my chakra studies over the last 5 years and look forward to the next 5 years of study as I deepen the practice of these seven rainbow centers of healing and light essence within and outside of the body.

I'm enjoying doing more kirtan these days and getting closer to my yoga family and other like minded musicians in Knoxville. I'm enjoying the more joyful and playful community that has sprung up in town and the great free events downtown and at market square.

I'm watching with amazement as my son grows into a beautiful, albeit funny and challenging young man. I so did not hang out with my family when I was a teenager and it's amazing to hear what comes 'out of his mouth' when he is with me--I would only say these things with my friends! But, how beautiful that our family is so close and we truly love and enjoy one another!

I am having a good time with my community and really yearning, at times, to travel a lot more, reach more people through the yoga and healing that I do and connect, more deeply, with others on the path of healing as well as those who work in all mediums to bring about true change in the paradigm of this new aquarian age of community.

I am turning the corner of my agestic self and also having the discussion of calling in a wonderful mate who is an energetic geek, engineering yogi, well made, great looking, loves the material as well as the spiritual work of self and others and wants to be in a great family of dogs, kids and healthy living. So there, I said, I've got a hankerin' for a wonderful guy!

Love and light, with all always...

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