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Ustaad Ajit Singh Mutlashi

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Born in Punjab in 1930 and having lost his sight completely at the age of 2yrs to small pox, Ustaad Ajit Singh Mutlashi soon found his world in Music. He learnt how to see the world and express its many colours through the unique medium of Music. Having started his education with Proffessor Komal Singh Darshan and later under the tutilage of the great Master Rathan, who was the official Court Singer for the Raja during Mougal times. He studied alongside Parshotam Jalota, Baldev Narang, Sital Singh Sitara and made great friends in the music field such as Allah Rakha, Jagjit Singh, Rajan Sajan, Kishan Maharaj, Shalil Shankar, Kankana Banerjee to name but a few

In his mid twenties, Mutlashi ventured to Africa, Kenya where his first job was in a furniture store weaving furniture from wicker and cane. Slowly he started running music classes at the Arya Samaj and later going on to start the Komal School of Indian Music and Dance in Nairobi. In the 80's following the coup in Kenya, Mutlashi decided to take his young family and move to England, where once again, he established a music school, the Ravi Music College affiliated with the University of Chandigargh allowing students in the west to study Indian Music formally from Diploma level to Bachelors and Masters degree in Music. He named the college after his wife Ravi, who has been the rock in his life, standing beside him. Ravi is also a teacher of Arts & Music, herself a teacher of vocal and sitar.

Today some of the artists on the world fusion jazz music and bhangra scene are proud students of Mutlashi. Many of them, initiated into his family as his "Music Sons" through a binding ceremony. Some of his acclaimed students are:

Sukhshinder Shinda
Shin of DCS
Juggy Rihal Dhol and Percussion Master
Poora Sohal
Pritam Singh Tabla Maestro
Jaz Dhami
Mendi of Jazz Fusion
Vijay and Ninder of Achanak
Bikram Dhami of Heera
Amarjit Sidhu Singer and Radio Host
Seetal Kaur of Jin & Seetal

The list is tremendous and grows daily as the music man is still strong and active in the field of music today


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