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Amrit Sandhu

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Amrit Sandhu is an American high school honors student, singer, musician, and black-belt martial artist. She started learning Gurbani at age seven, and her teachers over the years have included Rishipal Singh and Ravinder Singh of New Delhi, India. The musical instruments are the harmonium played by Amrit Sandhu and the tabla by Rishipal Singh. A special thank you to Amrit's grandmother, Dr. Inderjeet Sandhu.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Aisa Naam Niranjan Hoye 4:26 5,025
Ja Ka Meet Sajan Hai Samiya 4:39 4,373
Ghungroo Vaje 2:58 4,127
Chit Na Bhayo 9:21 4,097
Tereyaan Bhagataan Ko Balihara 6:12 3,581
Jo Maange Thakur Apne Te 5:20 3,527
Aarti 4:46 3,394
Mera Mujh Mein Kich Nahi 2:24 3,368
Aankhan Jeeva 7:00 2,942
Tum Sarnayee Aaya 5:00 2,312


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