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Anahat Jatha

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Anahat Jatha is a kirtani jatha of 4 members Bhai Arvinder Singh Ji(Vocalist/Guitar), Bhai Amrit Singh (Rabab), Bhai Sewak Singh(Dilruba) and Bhai Jasprit Singh (Tabla). They all are connected with Kirtan from their childhood and with Waheguru's grace started this jatha 3 years back with a vision to connect with Sikh Sangat especially youth Sangat. Their kirtan is a blend of Traditional Tanti Saaj (Rabab,Dilruba) & Western modern instrument Guitar.

It is the aim of Jatha to spread Sikhi & teach our Sikh Brothes & Sisters our rich culture, tradition and enjoy Guru Ji's grace to the fullest with the help of Kirtan & Katha. Jatha is well trained from Ustads/Teachers like Dr.Gurnam Singh Ji(Punjabi University, Patiala) and Prof. Shamsher Singh Ji Kareer. Bhai Arvinder Singh Ji(Head) also do Katha in English,Hindi alongwith Punjabi to spread the word of Guru to reach worldwide.

All members of the Jatha are well educated and also teaches & give training of (Kirtan, Tanti Saaz, Tabla, Rabab, Taus, Punjabi Language learning, Dastar/Dumala tying etc). With Almighty's Grace & Blessings first Shabad track "Miti Meri Chinta" composed by jatha released in 2019 is highly applauded  by Sikh Sangat worldwide.

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Title Length Plays
Miti Meri Chinta 5:47 19,004
Pahan Neer Taray 10:44 2,826
Tuhi Tuhi 4:09 2,406