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Baba Hari Singh (Randhawa)

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Lesson in Gurbani and Katha: Attained from the great scholar of Damdami Taksal, Sant Gyani Inderjit Singh and main scholar Sant Gyani Gurbachan Singh ji Khalsa. Related to Katha , got Knowledge in religious Granth. 
Tenth Granth lesson: Got Training from the great scholar Sant Baba Daya Singh ji of Damadami Taksal 
Vedant Concept: Attained from sanyasi Mahatama Swami Atma Nand Ji. 
Specific Honours: Honoured by giving Class Katha. Signifier by Sharomani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee Service for the eminent holy persons organization. Punjab and general secretary of Gurmant Sidhant Preacher of Sant Samaj. Honour letter from organizers of takhat for searing the seet by waiting Guruvak Chart Granth and Guruparkaran Charan. 
Honour: letter from Head Granthi of Sri Harminder Sahib Ji. Revered for being a learned scholar of Taksal on the occasion of celebrating 300 years of Taksal by Damdami Taksal.
Specific Recognisation: Preacher of Gurmat and denial of Hypocrisy Specific Contribution: Built a large building on the land of Fatehgarh Sahib and founded a religious school where the pupils gain religious training and serve the world by different ways. Besides giving religious preachings since 20 years in Ludhiana dist. He founded Kalgidhar Academy Dugri where a lot of pupil get education. Students uncut hair is compulsory under strict instructions and in case anyone violates the rule is bound to leave the school. Other than Ragi Singh ji, there are other divinity teachers appointed.
Sphere of preaching's: Canada, England, America, German, Italy and Spain
Unforgettable  experience of life: Fire malevolent.
Sikhism Life: Under the supreme guidance of Mama Raghvir Singh who kept Baba Ji with him and then left him at religious places where he got kirtan training till spiritual stage of deity.
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