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Madeleine Bachan Kaur

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As long as I can remember I have always felt most at home in the realm of spirit.  As a child, I could often be found dancing, singing, and drawing - wrapped in my own magical world of creation and soul. 
When I found kundalini yoga at the age of 18, it gave me a language to express and experience my body, mind, heart and soul. It gave me spiritual community, and most of all it gave me a deep love for and connection to the path of sacred sound and music.  
Over the next 15 years, I have been a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga, art, music, ceremony and prayer. After the passing of my mother in 2008, I journeyed into the heart of the divine feminine, the voice of the earth and our ancestors, which guides my work today. 
I have travelled to and lived in many places, learning and sharing with different people and parts of our precious planet - observing and listening to my unique role in the unfolding of life.
I've never been able to fit into one faith, one genre, one country, one costume or one language.
I am so grateful to the practice of prayer, art and creativity because it allows us to experience and express the full spectrum of who and what we are.
I feel we are multidimensional human beings - cosmic rainbows with so much to learn from each of our relations.

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Guru Ram Das Lullaby 12:52 27,279
Triple Mantra 12:07 15,909
Wahe Guru Bliss 12:22 12,447
Forgiveness 16:08 11,941
Wahe Guru 21:13 6,495
Re Man Eh 10:57 5,307
Cosmic Cycles 13:04 4,874
Gayatri Mantra 11:44 4,451
Adi Shakti 12:54 3,577
Prabhujee Daya Karo 9:52 3,031