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Bhai Arvinderjit Singh

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Bhai Arvinder Jit Singh Ji has devoted his entire life to spread the word of true Guru. Bhai Sahib has been doing nishkam seva for over 45 years. At a very young age of 5 he started doing Kirtan and the vision of seva and Simran got stronger as he grew up. With waheguru ji's kirpa, Bhai Sahib and jatha has done Kirtan at more than 150 Gurdwara Sahibs. Mata Tripta ji Charitable Trust started by Bhai Arvinder Jit Singh ji has dental clinic and laboratory that provides medical test service free of cost for the needy. Bhai Sahib has been the operating force in making of the movies 'Sada Chir Jeevo' 'Sat Sri Akal' 'Mitar Pyare Nu' and 'Haal Murida Da kehna'. All 4 movies are based on Guru Gobind Singh ji's life and spread the word of Guru Granth Sahib ji. 

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