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Bhai Bhupinder & Gurvinder Singh Paras

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In the picture (L-R: Gurvinder Singh Paras, Bhupinder Singh Paras)

The Paras Brothers have dedicated much of their lives singing Gurbani Keertan throughout the world. In their early lives the influence of their father Bhai Darbara Singh and uncle Gulzar Singh played a vital role in their gurbani keertan upbringing. Their father and uncle performed keertan seva at Gurdwara Nankana Sahib and being around them provided an invaluable learning experience for the two brothers. The elder brother, Bhai Bhupinder Singh was born in 1950 in the town of Karnal while the younger Bhai Gurvinder Singh in 1966 at Bareilly, India. Today, Bhai Bhupinder is the Hazoori Ragi at Sikh Center Gurdwara in Houston while Bhai Gurvinder performs keertan at Sis Ganj, Bangla Sahib and other historical gurdwaras in Delhi. Even though today the two reside on the opposite ends of the globe--this album brings the two together in singing the Word of the Guru.  

The latest album titled Sevak Ki Aradasi Piare} features six shabads written by Guru Arjun Dev ji, Guru Tegh Bhadhur ji and Bhat Keerat in five distinct raags. The first three tracks on this album are sung by Bhai Gurvinder Singh that include Ik Aradasi Bhat Kirati Ki, Kitai Prakari Na Tutau Priti in raag Dhanaasree and Sevak Ki Aradasi Piare in raag Vadhans.  Tracks three thur six are sung by Bhai Bhupinder Singh that include Svami Sarani Pario Darabare in raag Sorat, Prabh Jiu Khasmana Kari Piare in raag Todee and Man Kaha Bisario Ram Namu in raag Basant.  This original album is being made available to you courtesy of Nagara Production in memory of Sardar Amarjit Singh's (Tagore) father Sardar Karam Singh and father-in-law Sardar Khushal Singh.

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