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Bhai Rajinder Singh Gill

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Bhai Rajinder Singh Gill was born in Tanzania and completed his education at Khalsa College in India, earning a degree in chemistry. He then returned and spent the early part of his working life first as a teacher and later as a principal at Eldoret, a principal city in Western Kenya.

While in India, he became acquainted with Bhai Rattan Singh, a contemporary of the renowned Bhai Sahib Singh. Bhai Rajinder Singh developed an interest and learnt Gurbani from Bhai Rattan Singh over a three years period. Bhai Rattan Singh himself also migrated to Kenya.

Following Ugandan President Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asians in 1972, Bhai Rajinder Singh Gill moved to Britain when he was 40 and started teaching in London. With his turban and bearded look, he resigned his position rather than accede to his principal’s request to become clean shaven.

He then embarked on a new career in accounting, retiring at 60, and continued to nurture his passion in Gurbani together with Bhai Rattan Singh who had also moved to Britain and passed away in 2015 at 99 years of age.

Post-retirement, Bhai Rajinder Singh Gill’s clear and lucid oral and written expositions of Gurbani have attracted a wide following and resounded well with the Sikh community in Britain and overseas.