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Bhai Surinder Singh Keerti

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Bhai Surinder Singh Keerti has been performing kirtan from a very young age and is self-taught. His mission is to recite Shabad Gurbani as melodiously for all Sikh Sangat and people for the purpose of God and Oneness. Bhai Sahib is an exceptional vocalist and very able harmonium player and his interest is in all types of music. He is also a Sarangi artist with the knowledge of many other instruments like Guitar, Violin, Tabla, Mandolin, Sarod, Bansuri, Saxophone etc along with a profound knowledge of Raags and Indian Classical music. For almost more than three decades his Jatha has been doing the sewa of a Kirtaniya for the Shabad Guru and is uniting the sangat in India and also globally as in Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Thailand and Dubai. Bhai Sahib started his kirtan career at a very young age around 1979-80 in Faridabad and has been doing Kirtan for Guru since then. He is also running a music kendra to impart his musical knowledge and teaching Shabad Gurbani to his students in India and internationally as he consider this as his purpose and duty for life.

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