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Bibi Nivedita Kaur

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Dr Nivedita Singh (Bibi Nivedita Kaur) is a greatest Indian classical singer. She learned Gurbani Kirtan from Prof Tara Singh Ji. She devoted her whole life to music.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Rom Rom Je Rasna 8:22 4,443
Aavho meet Piyare 5:47 2,874
Amrit Baani Har Har Teri 7:13 2,837
Koi Jan Har Sio Devai Jor 14:44 2,455
Oha Prem Piri 16:19 2,323
Ram Simar Ram Simar 5:15 2,049
Prabh Kijae Kripa Nidhan 8:11 1,479
Koi Jan Har Soi Devai Jor (Jaitsree) 16:03 1,417
Sahib Mera Meharvaan 8:29 1,127


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