Chand Afzaal Qawwal

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Renowned qawwal, Chand Afzal, and his brothers began learning from their illustrious father Zafar Hussain Sahib. Now students of Iqbal Ahmed Khan, the Khalifa of the Delhi Gharana, the brothers perform regularly on radio and television. They have several cassettes and CDs of Sufi qalam, Gurbani and Kirtan to their credit. They have also participated in many famous music festivals, both in India and abroad.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Aise Gur Ko Bal Bal Jayiye 18:53 41,218
Ooch Apaar Beant Svami 18:47 22,822
Madho Hum Aise Tu Aisa 10:26 21,057
Main Andhle Ki Tek 10:08 9,984