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Chitra Roy

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Chitra Roy is an eminent singer, lyricist and composer par excellence and has been associated with The Art Of Living foundation for more than 20 years.Elegant and endearing, she personifies serenity with beauty. Her silence is as profound as the soothing notes of her voice. Her concerts have enraptured audiences worldwide and left them speechless. Versatility is her watchword –With immense ease and finesse she reinvokes the old world charm with the classics of yesteryears by resurrecting a world that is now lost in time. Her multilingual proficiency has enabled her to erase away all regional barriers. A singer, lyricist and composer par excellence- Chitra Roy, is now a name synonymous with excellence in music.

Her songs take the audience to a different realm altogether, giving them a glimpse of bliss, where they seek solace and inner tranquility. The spontaneity with which she exhibits variations of notes in her music and the creativity, with which she reinvents a song every time it is sung, leaves her audience marveling for more. Her ability to make the most difficult of songs appear so simple, the great ease with which she is equally competent in all forms of music- be it classical, light or pop is indeed admirable. It is exactly this versatility which puts her in a league which is altogether different from other singers.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Mitar Piyaare 5:50 7,449
Mere Saheb 6:15 6,345
Mera Mujhme 4:56 6,323
Tumse Jori 11:00 6,115
Darsan Dekh Jeevan 7:51 5,897
Main Bin Guru 8:12 4,586
Gur Jaisa 8:06 4,320
Mera Maan 7:39 3,618