Daler Mehndi

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"Daler Mehndi, as a musician, performer, and song-writer, continually re-invents himself and his art."

The hallmark of the “Great musician’s” often lies in their ability to hone to perfection a strong and easily assimilated iconic, but singular image. It may evolve slowly and surely over the years but will always be presumed to be a natural maturing. Daler Mehndi, as a musician, performer and song - writer, defied this convention completely. He continually re-invents himself and his art at breakneck speed and illogical disjointedness. It seems as though time is always at a premium.

The ‘Powerhouse Performer’, Mehndi’s high voltage performances, packaged with exquisite choreography and famous hook dance steps, create an atmosphere that is highly contagious.

Always dressed in signature self-designed Maharaja robes, bejeweled turban and jewelry, his snappy fashion and eye-catching outfits have earned him Elle magazine’s "Most Stylish Person in Music" award and recently been awarded as "Best Live Performer" by Global Indian Music Awards (GiMA) 
Beyond the exuberant sense of style, the fiery passion for music, is a man who has an arduous zeal for the environment. A philanthropist to the core who is deeply spiritual.