"I am a middle aged adult brought up in a Sikh family in UK. I don't speak Punjabi and have found your children's videos, audio English version of Guru Granth Sahib and stories very informative. It has made me more aware of what it means to be a Sikh and how I can become a better Sikh. Thank you so much! " –Mohinder F

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Dhadi Tarsem Singh Moranwali

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 Tarsem Singh Moranwali Dhadi Jatha is an International Gold Medalist Dhadi which describes Sikh history in the form of Dhadi songs. Tarsem Singh's voice is very loud and clear.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Nelle Wale Mahi Da Sahara 1:25:50 34,332
Santan Di Tasveer 5:57 30,905
Bhai Agar Singh Ji 107:58 29,756
Jang Chamkaor Di 78:10 21,679
Dhan Teri Qurbani 7:20 19,704
CID 5:57 17,379
Dhadi Parsang (Shaheedi Guru Arjan Dev Ji) 2:01:45 15,151
Santa Di Mahima 62:12 13,838
Shaheedi Wadde Sahibzade 1:33:49 12,950
Jang Mehraj 73:02 12,521