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Divine Gurus

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Divine Gurus was brought about through the collaboration of Karanpal Singh and Haripal Kaur in late 2011. They got together to record mantra albums; beginning with a long-awaited project of an Aquarian Sadhana album; 6 mantras inspired by and for early morning kundalini yoga practice.

Both Haripal and Karanpal are musicians and kundalini yoga practitioners and feel very excited to bring these combined passions together – culminating in this 'yoga of sound' – aptly named the Divine Gurus. And so, Divine Gurus Records has arrived!

Vibration and the sacred sounds of devotional mantra music is the 'Guru' – the subtle, transformative aspect of the Divine in the sound current. The sound current is the essence energy of all reality. Everything IS and happens through variations of the universal vibration, also known as the Naad.

Following on from their debut Sadhana album, they have other projects lined up for 2013 and have also begun live performance with other musicians:

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Mul Mantra 6:43 9,337
Waheguru Wahejio 22:35 8,473
Guru Ram Das 8:00 7,050
Wah Yantee 7:31 6,884
Sat Siri Siri Akal 7:24 4,283
Rakhe Rakhanhar 7:07 4,053


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