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Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam Mission Canada

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Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam Mission Canada is a Not for Profit Organization with a primary goal to explore the potential of the healing power of Naam- Gurbani -medicine i.e. the inner power by arranging healing camps around the word. This method is very effective and we continue to observe excellent results in the five days healing camps. The message of Gurbani is universal and anyone can follow this process and obtain benefits. 

Sufferings and diseases are per God’s Will and are due to sins. So long as sin is not atoned for, a person does not get proper medicine from the proper physician and he wanders from pillar to post in order to obtain relief from suffering. Sins are washed with Naam-Gurbani-medicine but not with medicines. When sins are washed, no room is left for ailments and sorrows to stay and therefore proper treatment becomes available.

Naam- Gurbani -medicine i.e. inner power resides in all human beings. Access to it can be attained through four components:

1. Singing, listening and meditating the Divine Name i.e. one word denoting Name of God by following the methodologies and techniques ordained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
2. Singing reciting and listening Gurbani and contemplating the teachings of Gurbani.
3. Cultivating faith in the healing power of God and as Remover of all sorrows, sins and obstacles through singing and reciting selected hymns from Gurbani.
4. Discipline and self-restraints in terms of diet care, personal hygiene and good conduct.

Congregational singing, hearing Divine Name and Gurbani leads to quicker results.
Often, the people coming to our camps are suffering from mental and physical ailments such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, joint pains, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, Cancer and family problems. Moreover, some patients avail of the Name medicine to get their retarded children cured. Anyone cultivating faith in the healing power of God can cure anyone, whether or not present in the camps.

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