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Freedom and Leela

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Freedom and Leela are soothing singers of Gurbani Sikh Shabad Kirtan, Kundalini Yoga Music, Sufi Chants and Indian Spiritual music who are based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Their unique style continues to enthrall listeners world-wide who are always inviting them to share their "non-traditional" approach to Kirtan and Bhakti Music.

If you are looking for a soothing, meditative, calming and relaxing sound then explore these singers further NOW♥♥♥...
They have toured extensively for the past 20 years singing their mesmerizing sounds to over a million listeners. They have shared Meditative kirtan, mantras, yoga chants, qawwali, simran, 3HO meditation workshops and special wellness presentations at hundreds of shrines, homes, yoga centers, programs, and concerts world-wide.

Freedom (male vocals and harmonium), Leela (female vocals), have toured throughout Canada, USA, Central America, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, and Mexico sharing music from their collection of 8 live recording and Studio Recording (s).