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Giani Bhai Mehtab Singh

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Giani Mehtab Singh is a young Nihang Singh from Baba Bkala Dal (Tarna Dal) who has spent many years studying Sikh scripture. He is famous all over Punjab for his expert Gurbani pronunciation which he spent years perfecting. He comes from a family lineage of famous Nihang Singhs and has many admirers all over Punjab. He is invited to functions organised by many different groups to lead the reading of Sikh prayers. Below is a selection of prayers from the Das Granthi, all written by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and other writings of the Gurus that feature prominently in the daily routine of a Nihang Singh.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Brahm Kawach 1:13 104,033
Chandi Di Vaar 20:32 46,473
Shastar Naam Mala 4:50 11,700
Khalsa Mool Mantar 4:27 9,854
Akaal Ustat 60:36 9,718
Bachittar Natak 80:33 7,758
33 Suyie 11:01 7,409
Ugardanti 16:26 6,863
Sri Jaap Sahib 20:36 6,707
Chandi Charitar 33:54 6,601