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Gurmat Gian Group

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The Gurmat Gian Group was a group of women musicians. Gurpreet Kaur was the creator and master of this group. She composed, sang and taught her students and recorded raag based Gurbani. The other main member in this group is Gurpreet's daughter Keerat Kaur. Keerat is now residing in Atlanta, GA/USA). As per Almighty's wish, Gurpreet Kaur has left this world at a young age of 54. She left for heavenly abode on 12th Sept 2016 at Baltimore US. She fought bravely for 17 months with a Brain Tumor, Gioblastoma Multiforme. She has left her memories in the form of Gurbani singing that would keep her immortal in the memory of innumerable Gurmat Sangeet enthusiasts.

The Group had a unique style of singing, as explained to S. Gurmukh Singh (UK):

"We keep Ragas as the base of all our singing and use it as a vehicle to sing Guru's Bani. We try our best to keep Gurbani as our main presentation. While doing Kirtan it is Guru's Bani that is important and not the Ragas. Ragas are just the base for the language of Music. Kirtan is presentation of Gurbani, it’s not rendering Ragas. While doing Kirtan we are not there to present our skills in Raga singing. If one wishes to sing Ragas there is different platform for that. The Ultimate state of a musician is when he/she is liberated from the bonds of Ragas and is in tune with the Naad of the Universe."

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