"I am a middle aged adult brought up in a Sikh family in UK. I don't speak Punjabi and have found your children's videos, audio English version of Guru Granth Sahib and stories very informative. It has made me more aware of what it means to be a Sikh and how I can become a better Sikh. Thank you so much! " –Mohinder F

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Gurujodha Singh

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Kirtan Singer/Songwriter inspired to celebrate through music the inexplicable beauty of life and of the peaceful courage of the spirit that lives within us.


I believe life is actually a musical - although sometimes we forget to listen. I was trained in western classical music until one day I just had to stop playing, because I did not know the purpose of the music I was creating.

A few years later I began practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga and that is when I started listening to that musical again, and with very different ears.

Today I understand music as the true essence of my existence and the magic that creates a relationship with the soul and with the peace within. I know that the more people gather around the world to share a vibration of truth through their voice and their songs, peace will grow within our hearts and among nations too.

It's my prayer that I may play my part in this brief scene of the great musical of life and inspire others to play theirs. Enjoy the music, and smile. Sat Nam.


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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Eterno Sol 2:35 8,563
Humee Hum Brahm Hum 12:57 5,737
Bendiciones 5:04 4,268
Waho Waho Gobind Singh 8:23 4,039
In Hi Ki Kirpa Ke 8:30 3,605
Let Go Let God 7:46 3,335
Courage 7:10 3,205
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 8:36 3,185



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