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Gurumeher Singh Khalsa

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GuruMeher is a Master Yoga Teacher, Emotional Wellness Coach and author of Senses of the Soul. GuruMeher has helped thousands of people transform their personal lives and their businesses. He has given hundreds of presentations worldwide and truly helps others discover peace, power and purpose. As a public speaker, he brings the benefit of three decades of success and a genuine, passionate style born of his own personal transformation.

Through his clinical work as a life coach, GuruMeher created Senses of the Soul, a system of emotional self-healing. Senses of the Soul revolutionizes the way we think about our feelings. It proposes that heavy emotions are not the problem, but actually serve to deliver solutions! Feelings can be used for guidance and power. GuruMeher has been using these concepts to help people resolve whatever challenges life brings them. He combines these ideas with simple mindfulness techniques that help clients and groups achieve higher levels of clarity, purpose and happiness.

Audiences who participate in Senses of the Soul seminars, and individuals who coach with GuruMeher find that his enlightening talks and interactive exercises leave them with practical skills to immediately improve their quality of life. To work with GuruMeher means you feeling happier and discovering the skills to deal well with life’s challenges.

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