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Har Dayaal

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Har Dayaal is the spiritual name of the two artists Annki and Klas Landahl, a married couple living in Stockholm, Sweden. They are long experienced yoga teachers and musicians. They run the studio Stockholm Kundaliniyoga Center where they have regular classes of yoga, meditation and kirtan. They met through music and yoga, and their voices enjoyed very much playing with each other from the very start.

Har Dayaal's aim is for their recordings to support and maintain the vibration of each mantra, to support the meditators in their practice.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Morning Call 7:10 8,507
Mul Mantra 7:19 6,545
Wha Yantee 7:42 6,134
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio - Chant 22:28 4,055
Rakhe Rakhan Har 7:42 3,693
Sat Siri Akaal 7:53 2,871
Guru Ram Das 5:21 2,323