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Harjot Kaur (AJG)

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Harjot Kaur 'A.J.G' is a Kundalini yoga instructor and mantra music artist. Most of her songs contain her Nagi harmonium from Punjab, India and her acoustic guitar. The acronym in her name "A.J.G" stands for "Amazon Jungle Girl" and this is her true identity. Harjot has tribal roots, being indigenous Brazilian, and it shows through her music. Stefanosis Hansraj Singh is her husband, producer, musical companion and fellow artist. Harjot says "I may not have a masters degree in music, but I sing from my heart and soul. My inspiration comes from my parents, Clara Nunes, Milton Nascimento, Maria Bethania, Guru Ganesha , and Guru Singh. My passion is nature , animals , sacred sound ( Naad ) and helping people." With musical influences like this, you will find that Harjot Kaur "A.J.G" is not your typical, mantra music artist.

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Ardas Bhaiee 11:19 7,169