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Raj Academy Conservatoire

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Raj Academy of Asian Music, founded by Professor Surinder Singh in 1994, is the world's largest school for Sikh and traditional Indian music. It is the largest institution worldwide to deliver quality education and training at grass-roots level in the universal art known as Sikh music, Gurmat Sangeet and Naad Yoga. We offer concerts, workshops, outreach courses and opportunities to train as a teacher or therapist, harnessing musical composition for holistic healing and personal growth.

From classical symphonies to pop songs, music in today's society is used primarily for entertainment. Our focus is on another dimension of the application of sound unknown to many people – a method of singing, playing and listening that aspires to the more rewarding purpose of inner attainment.

The ancient Indian raag (raga) system is a powerful technology for inner attainment. The word ‘raag’ means mood. Listening to the precisely controlled rhythms, melodies and tones of a raag, our consciousness learns their relation to our emotional and spiritual reality. We can then begin to express that reality and ultimately to change it simply by changing the music. When a person recognises a mood in music as reflected in a situation in his or her own life, understanding and mastery of that situation is within reach. Composing our minds, we compose our lives.

Realising the power of this musical system of inner communication to unlock the potential in everyone, Guru Nanak perfected it and along with his successors crystallised it in the text Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Its universal wisdom is brought to life in 60 different raags. This manual for the musical navigation of experience is Raj Academy’s curriculum for sharing the art and science of sound for personal wellbeing. It is timeless, all-embracing and beyond religious and cultural boundaries. 

Join us and be part of a new generation of individuals accessing their capability to lead uncompromised lives true to themselves and invaluable to others, and becoming blissful expressions of humanity at its full potential.