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Sant Baba Darshan Singh Khalsa (Dhakki Sahib)

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Sant Baba Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa, was born to Sardar Surjit Singh and mother Rajinder Kaur on 15th May 1964. His divine personality was evident since his earliest childhood. Since childhood, he was always drawn to God. He was totally indifferent to sleep, food, play, worldly ties, bonds and attachments.He was seldom seen talking to anyone. In his teenage, he left home and traveled around India, and kept the company of many saints of different religions. During this period, he mediated a lot and preached people the lessons of humanity and love of god.

In 1987 he came here to Dhakki Sahib near Payal (Ludhiana) which is a centuries old jungle. He went into intense meditation for years including 6 months, 1 year, 40 days continuously. During continuous meditation, He didn’t eat any solid food (or very little) the whole year, taking very small amounts of either water or milk every few days. He is always immersed in divine ecstasy. He is always established in the highest spiritual state. Nothing worldly could attract him. At that time no one could inhabit Dhakki Sahib, since on the spiritual plane, it is the residence of a number of Mahatmas (completely enlightened souls). People had tried to cultivate it for farming and failed miserably. There are lot many tales told by elders regarding people trying to take wood for fire and failing miserably by one or another cause and they suffered heavy losses, including blindness. His aim is to lead people’s hearts to God and to join them with God. He believes that it can be achieved through external social service, sometimes through devotion or an emphasis on meditation or through gyan (dispersing knowledge of the truth). The seekers of God’s love recognize him as their supreme divine guide. He delivers brilliant discourses to thousands of people. His divine personality radiates into the hearts of those who meet him. His caring for his devotees is unparallel.

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