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Shakti Dance™ is one of Avtar Kaur's creations, evolved from her lifelong inspiration of movement and 20 years of Kundalini Yoga practice as a teacher, teacher trainer and healer. 

When asked, Avtar says she has always been dancing since she can remember. She discovered Kundalini Yoga, when she was 19 and shortly after, she became a Kundalini Yoga instructor. As her personal teaching style developed she found herself drawn to incorporating more and more dance-like stretches into the opening stages of her Kundalini Yoga classes. She became known as the teacher whose warm ups were often longer than the kriyas themselves, and students would look forward to repeat the experience. As her practice of Kundalini Yoga and dance began to weave together and merge, it became immediately apparent that a new form of yoga was developing.  In a meeting with Yogi Bhajan (Siri Singh Sahib), the Master who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West, Sara Avtar showed him what she had been developing and he approval came out as "mmmh!! Very creative!", and  he gave his blessing as he proclaimed that she should “develop the whole of this dance as a discipline in itself.” With his blessing Avtar has proceeded to do just that. She has been developing, teaching and training Shakti Dance™ over the past 15 years. 

Sara also has an amazing singing voice and musical talent. She has also released two of her own CDs of Shakti Dance™  mantra music – Shakti Lila and Mantric Grooves. She regularly gives Shakti Dance™ workshops in Europe, facilitates on all the European Shakti Dance™ teacher training courses, and lives in Italy with her husband and son.

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