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Sat Siri Kaur & John Zeretzke

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"The drums, the flute and the Native American rhythms all call forth the
distant mood and beauty of celebratory powwows before they became
novelty things in western movies. In each track, the purity of the
single-tone tribal chanting is balanced against the richly layered
instrumentation, with electric guitar and keyboard at all the right
places. The inherent spirituality of the indigenous elements finds
natural kinship with the sacred Kundalini mantras selected for the CD.
Recorded by genuine Native American musicians, with mantras led by Sat
Siri Kaur, a known and respected teacher in the Kundalini Yoga
tradition, this collection of recordings was a marriage made in the
etheric realm. At once soothing, transformational and full of life, it
is an exalted celebration of spirit." - User Review from

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Title Length Plays
Aad Guray Nameh 9:24 1,719
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 10:19 1,396
Wahe Guru 9:29 1,147
Sat Nam 10:56 1,008


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